A post without using the letter between “E” and “G”

I spent quite some time today thinking about my plans during spring break, which is only in a couple more days. My neighbors in my residence hall are coming home with us Virginia Beach kids over break, taking turns staying at each house there. We listed myriad activities to keep us busy and entertained the whole time. There’s so many places to bring them and things to show them, I just don’t know where to start. One girl lives in North Carolina and while she technically could have gone home, we’re glad she’s coming with us. Another lives in Georgia, but is getting to spend one night with us until she leaves on an airplane to go home. The last neighbor girl coming home with us over break lives in India so understandably it wouldn’t be reasonable to take that long trip home, 21 hours exactly, to stay only one week. We plan to show them our old high school, and Mt. Trashmore, and the boardwalk and beach, and everything cool there is to see in Virginia Beach, maybe even MacArthur Mall at some point. We’ll also get to introduce all our Virginia Tech friends to our best buds at home and all our pets! Even though I get to see these people most everyday, I’m still really excited they’re coming and I think it will be a great weekend jam-packed with entertainment and girl time out the wazoo.

I’m so excited I will get to be home with my mom on my birthday! She got me a new car that will be delivered as soon as I arrive and I am so darn happy! I have to give it a really good name, but not as good as Lola. I have to say goodbye to my car, Lola when I get back. I guess when one door closes another newer, less moody door opens. Eileen’s door will open. I think that’s what I’ll name her. I haven’t decided yet though. She’ll be red, like Lola, so she might need a sassier name. Maybe I’ll ask Zackary his opinion. I can’t wait to eat special birthday chocolate cake and to have home-made dinners again, even though my dad isn’t around to cook. The gals and I have all decided to get our ears pierced together in honor of my birthday! I’m going to get my cartilage done, though I’m a little scared and my mom strongly advised that I don’t go through with it. We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.

Wow, that was an exhilarating success! I wrote a post without using the letter between “E” and “G,” but used every other letter in the alphabet!


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