Election night in Virginia and political blatherings

After D. Terry McAuliffe was elected Virginia’s new governor last night, I went on social media to see what people were saying about it, which I never feel like doing because people are jerks to each other when it comes to politics. I found a comment under a post on the Facebook page for libertarian candidate for governor that made me smile. I love when I discover that there are sensible people in this world.

Mr. G (as I will refer to him so as not to compromise his identity) said, “I too have learned valuable lessons through ‘wasted’ votes. For the first half of my political life I wasted votes on Democrat candidates who promised social liberty and delivered scandal and financial ruin. The second half of my political life, I wasted my votes on Republican candidates who promised fiscal responsibility and delivered foreign entanglements and declared war on civil liberties. Never again! In 2012 I cast my vote for Gary Johnson for President, and for the first time, felt clean when I left the voting booth. Never again will I be persuaded to cast a vote out of fear of ‘the Other Guy!’
Robert Sarvis has EARNED my vote. It was not gained through fear, or bribery. It was indeed earned through commitment, conviction, candor and character. Sarvis is the best man for the job, and the ONLY candidate who is truly devoted to the cause of Liberty for ALL Virginians.”

If you don’t know about the (cough… cough… largely incapable… cough) candidates for governor in Virginia, may I refer you to this reputable resource of political goings-on, a clip from a recent episode of the Daily Show.

I’ve never come out and voiced any sign of a political affiliation on social media before: partly because I don’t have very strong political opinions and partly because I’m a journalist and I want to appear unbiased to others. I don’t like to choose sides in arguments because I usually can see the merit in both perspectives; however, after the comment I read last night I gained a whole new perspective on my political views, if you can call them that, and the political system itself. I don’t have strong political affiliations nor do I have religious affiliations, but I do have good morals and that’s what I look for in people I vote for, people I’m friends with, and organizations with which I associate.

That’s the end of any kind of political input I will ever have on a form of social media so if you’re looking for some kind of passionate, heated argument in support of or against someone in a political office, don’t get your hopes up. I just get really frustrated when these sort of things, like corrupted politicians, get in my way of saving the world. It seems like every day my to-do list toward my goal of saving the world gets longer. But thanks for reading!

To see a picture of me with Al Madrigal of the Daily Show when he came to Virginia Tech to cover the last round of gubernatorial debates, click here.


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