Why Craig Ferguson has my heart

Lately, I’ve been struggling with content, but I finally found something that I need to post or else I will be genuinely angry at myself. It’s not that I can’t come up with content (I’ve never sat at my computer and asked myself what I should write about) or that I don’t have the time to sit down and write (well, that’s some of it), but it’s mostly that I’m so self-conscious about what I think it worthy of sharing with people. I really need to get over it because I love writing and I really shouldn’t care how many likes it gets or page views. It’s just so hard to ignore that stuff sometimes and if you’re not careful it can become a measure of self-esteem and, trust me, it’s a downward spiral you don’t want to be in when you love writing as much as I do. Anyway, this is completely irrelevant.

I found something today that slapped me in the face and then hugged- no, it crushed all the superficial, insignificant worries out of my body. I have always had heaps of respect for Craig Ferguson. The man is a hero in so many aspects. Okay, so I found this clip from one of his show a little over 3 years ago (before I was able to actually enjoy my time awake at night by watching late night talk shows because I was too busy doing gobs of homework), it speaks for itself. My heart aches, in the greatest sense of the word, for this man’s talent and his integrity. Please watch. I apologize for the video quality.

By the way, I found this video as supplementation to an article about Justin Bieber on NPR. Go, NPR!